May 23, 2011

Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Molds - An Initial Review

Hello crafty people out there!  Wilton has recently come out with some brand new products for us cake makers and decorators.  Specifically, I'm talking about the PCD tools (Punch, Cut, Decorate) tools and the fondant and gum paste molds (which you see in the photo above).

At first when I went down the aisle of my usual hobby store I noticed they had shifted everything around and I couldn't find a thing.  Then I saw all these plastic purple do-dads with the classic Wilton seal on them and thought "What the hell are these things?"  After a few minutes of perusing (ok, ok, I can peruse for hours!) I determined that Wilton wanted to get on the band wagon of mixing paper crafting with cake making... and they are about 2 seasons too late in my opinion.

Wilton's PCD tools are basically taking a shape punch to a scrapbook paper sheet, except it's a sugar sheet.  Now if their sugar sheets are anything like Cricut's icing sheets, ohhhh boy, prepare to be frustrated.  Since I haven't worked with any of the PCD tools, I can't say much about them.  Only that I didn't get that gasp of excitement when I saw them (or when I saw finished cake examples using PCD tools either). 

On the bright side, seems like the cake world is loving these new fondant and gum paste molds.  I am looking forward to trying them out, one thing to remember is to lightly dust the molds to prevent the fondant from sticking and tearing.  Some of the details are quite....detailed.  Then again, I remember awhile ago I was using a chocolate mold and fondant to create a 3D shape...ahhh, similar but different I guess.

Tip:  To make sure your fondant or gumpaste doesn't stick to the mold, dust the mold with cornstarch first before you press your material in them.  You will probably need to re-dust every time.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what else they're good for - we advanced soap makers love them! They make lovely embellishments on soaps! Just bought two of them - the texture sheets also make lovely patterned soaps - yes, we soap makers are infringing on the cake maker's territories -and I also have no problem using lots of scrapbooking papers and equipment in my packaging! Jennifer

The Createry Shop said...

Wow, what an amazing way to use these molds. I can imagine how beautiful the soaps would look. I think if you are crafty at heart, you will always see new possibilities in everything. Thanks for sharing some great tips!

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