May 22, 2011

Children's 1st Birthday Cake - Gumpaste Daisies and Chocolate Ribbons

Children's Birthday Cake - Daisies and Chocolate Ribbon
I found these wonderful ejector cutters for gum paste and fondant that add a bit of embossing onto your shape.  They are very easy to handle and a nice alternative to smooth simple shapes cut out from regular fondant or gum paste shape cutters.  Plus, you can get really sharp pieces with them, unlike if you are using regular cutters. 

Tip: roll your gumpaste out very thin and be careful when you handle they cut out shape, they are quite delicate!
Hopefully you can see the embossing on the daisy petals.

The inside of the cake is a chocolate layer on top of a white layer cake.  Pink buttercream inside and outside finish is pink buttercream as well.  Daisies are gum paste and ribbons are chocolate fondant.  For the small daisies I had to make a separate batch of yellow icing to pipe the yellow centres in.  Voila!


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