April 16, 2011

Strawberry Baby Bottle Cozy - Free Knitting Pattern

Here is a cute little project you can do that is quick and easy, especially if you are a beginner knitter and want to tackle a knitting pattern that isn't very time consuming.  It's a strawberry baby bottle cozy that fits a standard 8 oz. baby bottle.  Sometimes when I just need to do a quick run to the store and have to bring my baby with me, I don't want to have to carry a diaper bag or a thick thermo bag.  With this cozy I just warm up a bottle, put it in the cozy and throw it in my handbag and away we go!  BTW, whenever I pull this baby bottle cozy out, it gets a lot of smiles from mommies and babies.

Some ideas of variations of this pattern: Make it in purple instead of red for an eggplant!

(I hold 2 strands of yarn together when knitting this)
- Yarn, medium weight (#4), in red
- Yarn, medium weight (#4), in green
- 5.0mm (US8) straight knitting needles
- Yarn needle
- 16 inch long decorative ribbon
Gauge: Not important for this project

Notes: Because I wanted to achieve a thicker knit, I held 2 strands together while knitting. Fits a standard 8 oz. baby bottle.

Knitting Pattern:
1) With Green and holding 2 strands together, CO 28 sts.
2) RS: *K2, P2, repeat * to end.
3) Repeat step ‘2’ five more times.
4) RS: K2, *K1,YO, K2tog, repeat* to last 2 sts, K2.
5) P row.
Switch to red yarn and holding 2 strands together,
6) RS: *K3, P1, repeat * to end.
7) P row.
8) K row.
9) P row.
10) K1, P1, *K3, P1, repeat * to last 2 sts, K2.
11) P row.
12) K row.
13) P row.
14) Repeat steps ‘6’ to ‘13’ until piece measures 9 inches from beginning edge, ending on a RS.
15) WS: K row.
16) *K2tog, repeat * to end. (14 sts)
17) P row.
18) K row.
19) P row.
20) *K2tog, repeat * to end. (7 sts)
21) Cut yarn leaving a long enough tail to seam edges of piece together. With a yarn needle and yarn tail, thread through all remaining sts and pull tight. Fold piece in half with WS facing outwards and seam edges together.
22) With decorative ribbon, thread ribbon through eyelets to create a drawstring tie.

For more creative projects, check back to http://www.thecreateryshop.com/!


Jessica said...

Bless you for posting this as a free pattern! I'm a new mom and not a very advanced knitter, but I really wanted to have a bottle cozy to keep the bottles from going cold so quickly as my little girl is very colicy and cold milk makes her spit up. The other simple looking pattern was $27!! I was stunned! So from a mom, Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for coming across your pattern, knitted on two needles. Was beginning to despair that I wouldn't be able to make the cozy in time for the presentation. Thank you so much for publishing it. With kind regards, Anne.

Monica Castello said...

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Unknown said...

It sounds like a wonderful pattern to do for a baby.

Clradahl said...

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ExperienceatSharpCircles said...

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