October 2, 2010


Ahhh, cake.  Even the word is beautiful to say.  Cuh-ache!

So my obsession has been with cakes lately.  Baking them, icing them, decorating them, etc. etc. Oh man!  There is a lot I don't know about cakes!  Every year for my birthday, or my daughters birthdays, I must insist on ordering a special custom made cake.  It started with My 1st daughter's 1st birthday.  That's when I got introduced to something called FAWN-DAWNT (aka Fondant).  That one cake cost $69 and I thought I had lost my mind paying that much for a cake.  Then her 2nd birthday came and that one cost $226.  OMG, I was ready this 3rd time to spend $250 until my husband said the magic words,"Why don't you make it yourself?".  That started my endless nights of googling, youtubing, reading, and watching cakes.  It's really hard to get a pro-looking cake! 

But the flood gates are opened.  Ala Supernatural, a seal has been broken.  Now you can follow me and my journey through cakes.  So far it's been rewarding, but frustrating and time consuming learning the basics.  I have put my cards, my papers and punches, my knitting needles, my sewing machine and serger aside for now.  I am now elbow deep in fondant, gum paste, icing, and cake recipes.... damn you husband o' mine!!!  I warned you about opening this forbidden door!


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