October 17, 2010

Princess Cake 2 with Princess, Castle, Dragon, and Tiara (Cricut Cake)

Here it is! The cake of my daughter's dreams. It took a night of baking and icing, and pretty much a whole day of decorating. Well, the truth is that I wasted a good 3 hours fooling around with fondant. i had tinted the fondant 2 days earlier and then it started crumbling and was very dry. Then I added too much water and it was a horrible mess. Then I screwed up again on the sides folding and creasing and so it took way longer than expected (and was much more frustrating!). I still don't know how people get the base fondant so smooth with no creases? I tried rolling it out bigger, tried thicker, thinner.... oh well. The cake turned out well and I am happy with it. That's all that matters!



marlorae said...

This is so beautiful! I was just searching for how others have handled creating castle cakes with their Cricut and this is truly an inspiration. You have a very lucky princess!!

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