October 2, 2010

Cherry Blossom Cake - Blue Fondant Base w/ White and Yellow Flowers (cricut cake)

Ok, this is the cake i just finished today.  Not bad, but I don't know how to get the fondant not to crease on the sides.  Any suggestions out there?

The cake is my mom's recipe for pound cake.  A 6 inch on top and 9 inch on bottom, 4 inch in height for both so I torted 2 cakes together (see... I'm learning the lingo).  I used whipped cream instead of icing because I found the icing to be sooooo sweet and sugary!  OMG, I'm going to become a diabetic if I keep making and eating cakes. Ok, let's just make them and give them away!

BTW, whipped cream is a b*tch to deal with.  It squeezes out when you roll the fondant on.  Anyways, going to try something else next time.  The cricut cake works well with gumpaste, I have had good and bad moments with using fondant though...

The thing with the Cricut Cake.  It's not easy to use, I mean I cut the decorations out of gum paste but the branches are out of brown fondant.  Really tough, either too gooey or too brittle.

Anyways, the word I'm looking for is TADA!


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