May 26, 2019

Soap Making Melt and Pour Swirl Design - Fresh Linen

Another beautiful set of lovely smelling soap made from melt and pour (MP) double butter and glycerin soap.  I decided to make this loaf of soap with fresh linen fragrance since after you use it you smell like fresh laundry (a great scent for men who just want to feel clean with no floral or musky notes).

For this swirl design I used:

1) MP double butter soap in white and brown.
2) MP glycerin soap in green and blue-green.
3) silicone mold with dividers that split the mold into 3 cavities length wise.

I poured the green and blue-green glycerin on each side and the white double butter in the middle.  The temperature was roughly 140 degrees Fahrenheit before I removed the dividers (note to thy self: wait until it cools to 120-125 degrees F if you want more of a chunky swirl effect).  I then poured the brown over the entire loaf and took a stick and swirled the loaf in a zig zag width wise.

You can see the wonderful color variations of white mixing with the brown and hints of blue-green transitioning to green.  So satisfying!


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