May 5, 2019

How to Swirl Melt and Pour Soap Making Hot Process - Rain Forest

Hello Soap Makers!

Melt and Pour Soap Making (aka MP or "Hot Processing") is simple, addictive, and instantly gratifying.  Unlike "Cold Processing" that involves lye water and fats that can be caustic and dangerous, MP can be done without too much fuss.

But how can MP lovers get that wonderful swirl effect like cold process soaps?  The truth is that it can't replicated exactly, but I've found some successful techniques that I'll be trying out more and sharing with you all.

Please Note: I did not include the exact recipe measurement since I've been told everyone has their own preference of smells and colors.

Attempt #1 - Using 3 different MP soap batters into 1 loaf mold divided into 2 length-wise

- Goat's Milk MP soap base (1.5 lbs) - Color = Brilliant Blue, Fragrance = Rain Forest
- Goat's Milk MP soap base (0.5 lbs)  - Color = White, Fragrance = Rain Forest
- Glycerin MP soap base (1.5 lbs) - Color = Aqua+Neon Green, Fragrance = Orange+Eucalyptus

1) I used a plexiglass loaf mold (4 lbs) and bought some plexiglass dividers that are sold separately.
2) I taped the dividers together scotch tape to be the same length as the loaf mold, and inserted it into the centre so that the mold was partitioned (or divided) lengthwise into 2 cavities.
3) I then poured the Goat's Milk in Brilliant Blue on one-side, then poured the Glycerin in Aqua Neon Green on the other side.  IMPORTANT: Make sure the temperature of all batters are approx. 110-125 degrees F.
4) After this, I waited for about 2 minutes and then poured the Goat's milk in White on top.  IMPORTANT: There is a technique in the higher you pour the deeper the batter will land into the mold.  If you just want a surface layer, carefully pour the batter gently close to the surface.
5) Let sit for 24 hours, then remove from mold and cut into bars.  Let bars sit for another 24-48 hours to allow for hardening and drying before use.

So, this is my first attempt and swirling MP soap!  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the effect and would do it again.  Hope this inspires you all to try swirling melt and pour soap!


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