February 18, 2010

Baby Three Point Jester Hat With Purple Pom Poms - Free Knitting Pattern

I just love this whimsical little jester hat with pom poms!  However, it does involve that crazy kitchener stitch and you would think that being married to my hubby who is from Kitchener would help.... it doesn't!  Words of advice, just chant to yourself while you are doing it (Knit, Purl, Purl, Knit).....

Here is my pattern for you all:
Finished size: Fits approx. 6-12 months old with a head circumference between 14-18 inches.
- Yarn, medium worsted weight #4
- Circular needle in 6.0mm (US 10), 16 inches (40 cm) in length.
- Double point needles (DPNs) in 6.0mm (US10) size.
- A pom pom maker.
- Place marker.
- Wool or yarn needle

1) Cast on 48 Sts.
2) *K2, P2, repeat from * to end.  Repeat this until piece measures 1.5 inches.
3) K all sts for 3 rounds.
4) *K2tog, yo, repeat from * to end, ending with a yo.
5) K all sts for 5 rounds.
6) *K2tog, yo, repeat from * to end, ending with a yo.
7) Knit in Stockinette St until entire piece measures 6.5 inches from starting edge to your needle.
8) Transfer 8 stitches onto a dpn, then transfer the next 8 stitches onto a second dpn.  Leave the rest of the sts on the circular needle.
9) Start your kitchener stitch by:
     a. Take a long piece of yarn and thread it through the yarn needle.
     b. Hold both dpn together in one hand with the WS facing each other (RS facing outwards).
     c. Thread yarn Purlwise through 1st front loop.
     d. Thread yarn Knitwise through 1st back loop. (careful to keep the yarn below the needle).
     e. *Thread yarn Knitwise through the1st front loop and drop this st off the dpn.
     f. Thread yarn Purlwise through the next (2nd) front loop.
     g. Thread yarn Purlwise through 1st back loop and drop this st off the dpn.
     h. Thread yarn Knitwise through next (2nd) back loop.
     i. Repeat this from * until you have dropped all the stitches off both dpns.
10) Repeat Steps 8 and 9 twice so that you have 3 bound stitches, making the 3 points of the hat.
11) Weave all ends in.
12) Make 3 pom poms and attach to points.  Voila!


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