February 7, 2010

The 5-Hour Baby Sweater - Flower Embellishment - Free Knitting Pattern

Here it is again, the second attempt with the 5-hour baby sweater and this time I used a 3 worsted weight yarn so it wasn't so chunky, and then added the flower embellishments.  Plus, I modified the original one so that it was slightly longer in the body.

To make the flower accents, I followed a pattern by Dilys Sutherland, although I tried to find her website again and I couldn't!  Oh well, here's the pattern I used with my own modifications to change the size and petals counts:

1) Cast on 35 Sts.
2) Row 1: *K1, cast off 5 sts (1 remains on RH needle), repeat from * to end (10 Sts.)
3) Run yarn through remaining sts, draw up and fasten off.

Remember that each petal takes 7 stitches to make, therefore 5 petals=35 sts, 6 petals=42 sts, and so on.


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