May 3, 2015

Ombre Rosette Birthday Cake

Here it is on the big day, everyone loved the colors of the ombre and they did comment on how it could look like a wedding day cake if done up in all white or cream colors.  By the way, each slice of cake was enormous in height.  Hope this inspires you to do your own rosette cake!


May 2, 2015

Ombre Rosette Piped Icing Cake

Went to my local cupcakery shop and as I walked in I could not stop looking at this one wedding cake completely covered in rosettes with piped icing.  It looked so romantic and gave me this feeling of wanting to practice my piping techniques again.  I think I've been too obsessed with fondant lately I forgot all the things you can do with just a bag of colorful icing and a good sturdy wrist.

This also reminded me how much hard work it is to make cakes, and how much I love doing it (this particular cake is an 8" two-layer vanilla cake with a dome shaped top.... and it weighs like a brick!)  Hope you like it.


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