May 5, 2012

Elegant Blue Bird Baroque Cake

Happy birthday to my sweet little girl who is a big 2 today!  It has been awhile since I delved into cake making (exactly one year since my last cake!) and I completely forgot all my cake skills!  I couldn't even remember how to properly ice a cake, but here is the cake I made for her.  I really wanted  her to have an elegant cake rather than a "kiddie" cake.  However, as I was doing the baroque fondant pieces the cake started looking like a wedding cake!  So I kept the top more simple and added the birds instead of a floral topper.

The cake is a deluxe chocolate cake, tinted blue buttercream icing and the rest are fondant and gum paste.  I got this wonderful idea to place the birds on with little lollipop sticks to give it some varying height dimension.  Overall, not bad for a friday night's worth of cake making.  Happy birthday to my little one!


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