March 19, 2010

My Model

Okay, I know that every mother in the world thinks their babies are just the cutest things in the world (remember that episode of the Flintstones where Fred calls all his buddies over to his house and tells them he's got a movie of  the most beautiful girl in the world and sometimes she's in a bathing suit or her undies... then they realize it's hours of homemade videos of Pebbles?)

Anyways, here is a collage of my Pebbles modelling her cupcake hat.  Enjoy!

The Cupcake Hat - Chocolate cupcake with white frosting

Here is another version of my cupcake hat, white frosting and I made it smaller for a baby around 3 to 6 months.

The Cupcake Hat - Chocolate cupcake with Pink Frosting

Ahhhhhh, who doesn't love cupcakes!  I have noticed the surge of cupcakeries around my city and couldn't resist thinking about how many other ways I could apply the cupcake theme.  There are many patterns out there for a cupcake hat, and I'm sure all of them are just deliciously gorgeous!  This is my little pattern that I invented, it's easy and scrumptous.  The pink topper was made a bit bigger to fit my daughter's 2-year old head. 

Bright Beret

This wonderful bright beret pattern by Amanda Keeys was really easy to knit up in no time.  As you can see, my little model just loves the color purple!

March 6, 2010

Baby/Toddler Jumper Dress - Quick and Easy

I have always wanted to knit a baby jumper or dress that didn't take forever to finish and wasn't on size 2mm needles!  So I thought I would attempt a pattern with chunky yarn and a big set of 12mm needles.  This dress knitted up quick enough, but I think I will use smaller needles next time for a denser knit.  Once I perfect the pattern, I will post it up.

Feather and Fan Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

This feather and fan pattern was taken from a bernat pattern.  Although I ended up using 6mm needles and No.5 chunky aran yarn, it ended up that when I casted on 62 sts, the hat is bgi enough for an adult!  Oh well, I just got to knit this again in a baby size.  Other than that, I love the pattern, oh so easy, and great for charities and donations!  Keep those little ones warm!

Here is the free pattern from Bernat:

The Baby Sophisticate - Take 2

This is the Baby Sophisticate Pattern knitted in the bigger size.  In a rose pink color and with some flowery metal buttons, who says it's a pattern just for boys?

The Baby Sophisticate Pattern with matching hat

I found The Baby Sophisticate Cardigan pattern by Linden Heflin and I thought, "This can't possibly be as easy as it says."  Sure enough, it was quick to knit and really a stylish pattern to make for a little one.  Probably one of my favourite patterns so far, I also knit a little hat to go with it. 

The Baby Sophisticate Pattern I noticed had some errors (eg. suppose to be 25 sts per sleeve, but it says 23).  And it says K when you are suppose to P.  But other than that, it is such a beautiful pattern that I am glad is shared with the world.  Thank you Linden Heflin!


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