August 9, 2009

Tubbing Turtles - Collection by The Createry Shop

Tubbing Turtles! Handmade by The Createry Shop

These wonderful, loveable, soap turtles will make sure any kid or adult gets squeaky clean and haves fun at the same time! Great for gifts, personal use, favors, showers, etc. it is sure to bring smiles to everyone!

These tubbing buddies are brilliantly colored, chunky and chubby and easy to hold for even the smallest hands. Made from 100% Moisturizing Glycerin Soap and layered with 100% Shea Butter White soap, they help moisturize while giving you lots of suds, and smell refreshingly clean.

Details are:
Length = 4.0 in.
Width = 3.25 in.
Height = 1.5 in.

Colors/Fragrances currently available:
- Green lime/Coconut Plumera.
- Pink pretty/Black Raspberry.
- Lavender lilac/Plumera.
- Turquoise turtle/Cucumber Melon.

Mix and Match! We can custom-make any color with any fragrance you like. Below are a list of other available colors and fragrances you might like:

Other colors:
- Orange, wine, yellow, seafoam(deep green), peach.

Other fragrances:
- Vanilla, Mango, Apple, Eucalyptus.

Ingredients: Glycerine Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Essential Oils, Fragrance, Color.

Please note: Decorative ribbon may vary as shown.


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