June 21, 2008

Old Skirt Into A Cute Baby Dress

I was rummaging through some old clothes of mine and found this skirt that I bought and just never wore. Not even once! Then I remembered that I use to dream about being a fashion designer and started thinking about what I could transformed this to. So I recalled my sewing skills and transformed an old skirt into a cute baby dress for my daughter.

The dress is an empire waist, front-pleated dress with a square neck.

Step 1:
Measure baby's chest size/shoulder width/how long you want the dress to be. For me, I measured 22"/9"/14" accordingly. I also wanted a 6" long bodice from shoulder to empire waist line.

Step 2:
Take an old skirt and cut from the waist down the length of the dress you want minus the bodice length. So for my measurements, I measured 8" down.

Step 3:
If your waist is 22", then don't worry about this step. However, if the skirt is greater than your baby's chest size, start pin-tucking pleats to get the desired fit.

Step 4:
Cut your bodice piece out of the material you cut from the bottom of the skirt. You can use any pattern you like, I just decided to use a square neck and sleeveless design.

Step 5:
Sew bodice onto pleated skirt section.

Step 6:
Add embellishments. For my dress, I added lace trim to the shoulders and finished the bottom with lace trim. Luckily, my old skirt had a ribbon accent on it, so I kept it for my baby's dress. Voila!

Have fun and be creative!


Trinity said...

Great job!! Thanks for this tutorial about making cute dress for a baby!!

Paper Pie said...

Thanks a bunch! Hmmm, I have some other ideas I should post too... stay tuned for more!

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