October 18, 2015

Shopkins Cupcakes

My girl is into Shopkins.  Really into Shopkins.  After her birthday yesterday I realized how much more her friends are into Shopkins - ravenous, impulsive, electrified little girls feasting their eyes over these tiny plastic and rubber tokens once they saw them sitting on a pillow of icing.  Just like savvy car salesmen, the moment they found their goody bags filled with more Shopkin paraphernalia, they started wheeling and dealing with each other like their life depended on just closing the sale.

"How about I trade you the Cheeky Chocolate for your Kooky Cookie?"
"If you want Gram Jam I can throw in D'Lish Donut for your Apple Blossom."
Me: "So what's the cheese's name".  Unimpressed kid: "Cheesy".  Me: "Of course it is."

The word I'm trying to find here is.... Anyways.  Enjoy these Shopkin Cupcakes!


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